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Choosing the Right Divorce

Getting a divorce does not need to be complicated.  In fact, we specialize in making it uncomplicated.. Select the type of divorce you need, provide the information and we prepare all of the documents needed, some divorces include filing the documents in court electronically on your behalf.   We also provide electronic notary service. Some uncontested divorces have no court hearings to attend.  No office visits,  We use Zoom for a full video meeting .  Talk directly to a Family Law Mediator.   Free Consultation.  

Simple Divorce

If cost is at the top of your list, a Simple Divorce may be what you need.  There can be no minor children of the marriage.  Financial information does no need to be disclosed.  We will prepare all necessary documentation based on the information you supply.  Documents will be sent to you via e-mail, or priority mail, ready for you to file in court.  
We supply the documents you file in court
If convenience is at the top of your list than an Uncontested Divorce is what you need. You supply your information by computer, or smart phone.  We prepare the documents based on this information.  Sign  your documents at home.  On line Notary service is provided.  Upon receipt of your signed documents, they can be filed in court.   Average divorce time is approximately 30 days .

Uncontested Divorce

We supply the documents you file them is court

Uncontested Divorce No Court

Complete Service No Court Hearing to Attend
If convenience is at the top of your list than an Uncontested Divorce is what you need. Everything is done for you.  You supply your information by computer or smart phone. We prepare the documents based on this information.  On line Notary service is provided.  Upon receipt of your signed documents, they will be e-filed in court. There are no court hearings to attend. You will receive your divorce decree signed by a judge in 30 to 40 days   

Fully Guided Divorce

A comprehensive and fully supported solution for spouses with complex circumstances who may no be in agreement regarding custody and division of assets.
Mediation with your spouse to find agreement on topics likes asset division and parenting plans.
Case Manager to welcome you to the platform, and provide guidance and support through the process.
Personalized agreement documentation.
Filing support.
Expert services available for specific needs relevant to your divorce.

Missing Spouse Divorce

 Also known as a Publication Divorce
In come cases, one spouse may be unable to locate their partner, leading to significant challenges in initating the divorce process.  Florida law provides a solution known as divorce by publication which allows individual to proceed with their divorce even when unable to directly notify their spouse.

Before pursuing a divorce by publication, it's crucial to make diligent efforts to locae your spouse. This involves reaching out to various channels, including family members, former employers, friends, etc.

Skip tracing can aid in this search.  Divorcenters assists the individual throughout the entire process.  You supply the information you have, we complete the process.  
Florida Prenuptial Agreements
A prenuptial agreement (referred to as a premarital agreement in Florida) is a private contract between two people who plan to marry. Florida refers to their statute as the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act. A premarital agreement is drafted prior to marriage and details the financial rights and ownership of certain property both during the marriage and upon divorce or separation. Premarital agreements can also address what happens in the event of death. In Florida, a premarital agreement is not in effect until the marriage takes place.
The use of a Mediator for  a Prenuptial  insures that a fair and impartial person assisted you in the preparation of your agreement. Attorneys can only represent one party.
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